Barbara Piperno, born in 1980, started studying music at the age of 5.
She graduated in flute at Conservatorio G. Rossini in Pesaro (Italy) in 1996.
Her classical music career started winning a national competition called “Concorso Nazionale città di Sannicandro Garganico” as a soloist and some international competitions with a chamber ensemble called Cherubino Flute Ensemble, with whom she recorded several CDs and performed in many concerts in Italy and abroad.
She played and she still occasionally plays in some orchestras and she has been a member of the classical trio Ban Ensemble for ten year.

In 2003 Barbara also discovered her voice as a further mean to express herself and began to experiment other musical genres. She has been developing a deep passion for Brazilian popular music since 2003, but the encounter with Choro (Brazilian instrumental music) occurred only in 2011.
The following year, after a journey of study and research in Brazil, she recorded a CD, called Chorando na Toscana, made up of old choros with Choro de Rua group. In 2013 she released an album with the quintet Circolo Odeòn (about classical choros and some Italian popular pieces of Liscio Romagnolo, reinterpreted with a “choristic” accent) and a second CD with Choro de Rua project, in duo with the Brazilian 7-string guitar player Marco Ruviaro, entitled Aeroplanando.
In 2015 she recorded another CD called “A roda dos planetas errantes”, released in 2017, made up of compositions of the Italian pianist and composer Giovanni Guaccero (some of them are choros), together with him and Marco Ruviaro. This album is produced by Alfa Music and distributed by Egea.

She also organised, together with Marco Ruviaro and sometimes with Giovanni Guaccero, some workshops of Choro in private schools and in Conservatories.

Barbara is literally trying to spread Choro around the world.

In 2016 she strengthened an old collaboration with the musician and sinologist Filippo Costantini, launching an original project based on Traditional Chinese Music, called “Dialogues between a Guqin and a Dizi”. They performed in various Universities in Italy and abroad, especially touring in Mexico and Spain.

In 2017 she started a new great project called Regional Matuto, a quartet of Choro with original compositions and some classic tunes. Its debut was in Germany, at the end of January. The other three great musicians are Marco Ruviaro at the mandolin, Fernando de La Rua at the 7-string guitar and Marco Zanotti at the pandeiro and cajon. They were also invited to perform at the first Choro Festival in Bruxelles which took place at the beginning of December 2017 and they were also invited to give a masterclass of Choro at the prestigious Hochschule für Musik of Nürnberg.

In 2019 she in going to launch her new album with the duo Choro de Rua, completely dedicated to contemporary compositions of Choro.
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